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George Lois

Phaidon Press, 2012
192 pages
100 Colour illustrations
ISBN: 9780714863481

Lessons from the incomparable life of 'Master Communicator' George Lois, the original "Mad Man" of Madison Avenue.

Organized into inspirational, bite-sized pointers, each page offers fresh insight into the sources of success, from identifying your heroes to identifying yourself.

The ideas, images and illustrations presented in this book are fresh, witty and in-your-face.

Whether it's communicating your point in nanosecond, creating an explosive portfolio or making your presence felt, no one is better placed than George Lois to teach you the process of creativity.

Poignant, punchy and to-the-point, DAMN GOOD ADVICE (For People With Talent!), is a must have for anyone on a quest for success.


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