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Fiona Dieffenbacher

AVA Academia, 2012
224 pages
200 colour images
ISBN: 9782940411719

The fashion design process has always been shrouded in mystery. The unique creative approach that each designer evolves to arrive at their final collection has gone largely undocumented. And understandably so - why would a designer want to divulge the 'secrets' behind their success? Wouldn't some of the magic be lost?

Yet it is precisely this thinking behind a collection that sets one designer apart from another. Learning to push ideas forward, to develop concepts and to challenge the status quo is what gives us some of fashion's greatest innovations.

By following nine student designers through their thought processes in response to a brief, Fashion Thinking: Creative approaches to the design process by Fiona Dieffenbacher unmasks secrets of the design process. Supported by beautiful imagery and illuminating perspectives from professionals throughout the fashion industry, Fashion Thinking is a book that no aspiring fashion designer should be without.

Nine student projects form the core of the book, representing a range of strategies for each key stage of the design cycle. By following each throughout their various stages of development, these examples offer a unique and inspiring insight into the thinking behind a final collection.


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