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Gingko Press, 2012
290 pages
Fully illustrated, colour
ISBN: 9781584234685

Projects featured include Australian design studio Lightly's interception of used car tires that turns the tires into lounge chair furniture by crocheting around them in unique and colorful nylon patterns.

A reinvention of discarded glass vases, jugs, bowls, and mugs into sculptural chandeliers by Utrecht-based designers Atelier Remy and Veenhuizen.

Israeli-based Reddish Studio's reinvention of discarded chair, stool, and table legs into the base of new desk lamps, and Miami artist Agustina Woodgate's "animal skin rugs" — which focus on abstracted colors and patterns hand-sewn out of disassembled, pre-loved stuffed animal toys.

Up-Cycle! is both a celebration of the creative spirit and an inspiration book for any DIY inventor possessing the ambition to repurpose unused sources into new and unexpected pieces of art.


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