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Michiel Botman

Nazraeli Press, 2011
72 pages
40 Duotone plates
ISBN: 9781590053331

A key figure in contemporary Dutch photography, Machiel Botman has always photographed as a way to understand life. He is not restrained by photographic conventions, but rather welcomes mistakes and surprises that combine with the highly personal nature of his subjects to create "the world of Machiel Botman."

Like his individual photographs, Botman's books and writings are autobiographical and chronicle the stages in his life, but they do not follow a linear narrative.

The book ends with Botman's short story, "The hawk & the cat", which plays off wonderfully with the images preceding it. Printed in Holland under the direct supervision of the artist, "One Tree" is a beautifully-produced artist's book that belongs in the collection of every serious photographic library.


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