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Kirstin Feireiss

NAi Publishers, 2001
142 pages
Fully illustrated, mainly colour.
ISBN: 9056622048

Architecture exhibitions and publications are increasingly used as platforms for discussing and disseminating ideas about architecture. Yet a sound understanding of the art of architecture exhibitions, seldom apparent, prompts many questions. What purpose do models serve? How are digital media deployed? What role does the architect fulfil as curator and designer? Should an architecture exhibition express a political commitment. The Art of Architecture Exhibitions seeks to elicit answers by inviting the views of a number of internationally renowned architects and architecture critics, including Bart Lootsma, Jean-Louis Cohen, Hani Rashid, Elizabeth Diller, Massimilano Fuksas, Boris Podrecca and Catherine David.

Their diverse views are set against current practice in making exhibitions. The most important NAI exhibitions of the past five years, among them Daniel Libeskind - Beyond the Wall 26.36 degrees, Silent Collisions - Morphosis at Work and The Stadium - The Architecture of Mass Sport, are all illustrated; each designer outlines the exhibition concept. Finally, a collage of texts and pictures provides a fascinating historical survey of the architecture exhibition in the twentieth century. Copiously illustrated with texts and pictures, this book offers a first exploration of this exciting and wide-ranging subject.


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