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Michael Taylor (Editor)

Black Dog Publishing, 2012
186 pages
Fully Illustrated, colour & B+W
ISBN: 9781907317583

The Mechanical Hand: Artists' Projects at Paupers Press focuses on the work of Paupers Press, a fine art print studio that concentrates on etching, lithography and relief printing. The studio has worked with many of the leading contemporary artists working in collaboration with the artists to produce limited edition and unique prints, books and portfolio collections. The Mechanical Hand examines the collaborative relationship of the studio and the contemporary artists they work with.

The Mechanical Hand features Damien Hirst's widely recognizable Butterflies, controversial skull prints and large scale hand-inked photogravure Sanctum series 2009. Rachel Whiteread's Twelve Objects, are discussed and featured; 12 etchings of everyday objects ranging from a walnut to a bottle to a light switch. From Keith Coventry there is his 2008 series Copper and Silk series, a collection of 20 prints made by etching and silkscreen. The Mechanical Hand includes Jake & Dinos Chapman's Etchasketchathon series stemming from the popular childrens toy 'Etch-A-Sketch' and playing nostalgia and childhood innocence off against contemporary adult themes. The book also includes an interview with Turner Prize nominated Catherine Yass and commentary from the other artists included showing a unique insight into their working methods.


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