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Robert Riddel

URO Publications, 2012
200 pages
Fully illustrated, colour & b+w
ISBN: 9780987228116

Robin Dods (1868-1920) was an extraordinary architect whose reputation in Brisbane was considerable but extended further.

The works shown here are a selection of the more important buildings both built and unrealised. There is a much larger body of work known, with more than 650 separate listings identified to date.

While Dods belonged to large commercial practices in both Brisbane and Sydney, his designs for churches as diocesan architect for the Anglican Diocese of Brisbane and for the Catholic Church must put him in the forefront of Australian ecclesiastical design.

Dods was able to show his skill in almost every field of design from hospitals, houses, churches, civic works and commercial factories and offices, as well as hos contribution to traditions and crafts of all kinds, particularly furniture and wood carving.

Although a number of the projects have been destroyed and others were never built, it is hoped that by establishing beyond question the extraordinary quality of the work, that the remaining buildings will be preserved and appreciated for what they are.


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