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Daniel Garza Usabiaga, Juan Palomar, Alfonso Alfaro, Luis Barragàn

Editorial RM, 2011
210 pages
Fully Illustrated, colour
ISBN: 9788415118138

A laboratory, a box of surprises, a safety vault of visions and memories-that is how the house the Mexican architect Luis Barragan built for himself in the late 1940s is described in this opulent book.

There is something almost hallucinatory about the photographs of Barragan's interiors, with their expanses of white wall, meticulously edited furnishings, and objects d'art distributed like idiosyncratic punctuation marks.

The sporadic explosions of strong color that are an essential element in Barragan's work are echoed in the book's design, with deep purple endpapers and floor plans printed on translucent sulfurous yellow paper. (Jed Perl The New Republic 20110102)

Honored late in life with a Pritzker Prize, Mexican architect Luis Barragán was a poet of modernism, infusing clean-lined spaces with sensual colors.


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