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Iris de Vericourt

Corraini, 2011
12 pages
Fully Illustrated, colour
ISBN: 9788875703035

As we know a lot of fun can be had in the pages of a book.

Now just what kind of fun and games might a wolf with silky fur, a monkey with a long twisty tail, or a cockerel with ruffled feathers get up to? Or even a lobster with a fanshaped tail, a polar bear on its hind legs and a chameleon with wrinkly skin?

Easy! They can swap tails, muzzles and fur for a little extra madness, becoming cockerels with twisty tails, bears with ruffled feathers, lobsters with silken fur, and loads more fantastical creatures that change their costumes over and over again in a huge carnival party atmoshphere.

(Text in Italian)


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