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Introduction, anotations & commentary by Arthur Ruegg

Birkhauser, 2004
272 pages
30 colour, 10 duotone, 160 b/w illustrations, 15 drawings
ISBN: 3764370378

The acclaimed French designer Charlotte Perriand (1903-1999) worked in the studio of Le Corbusier in the late 1920s together with Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeaneret. The famous Corbusier furniture pieces are the result of this unique collaboration. A facsimile production of Charlotte Perriand's 140 page Livre de Bord, her sketchbook during the years 1927-1933, is the centrepiece of this publication.

Arthur Ruegg's introductory essay brings to life in text and image those pioneering years. His precise and detailed commentaries inspire an appreciation and understanding of the richness of each drawing. A 16 page dossier of illustrations recreates the famous 1929 Salon d'Automne and the original furnishings of Villa Church.


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