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Ed. Cristian Campos

FKG - Frechmann Kolón GMBH, 2011
576 pages
Fully illustrated, colour & b+w
ISBN: 9788499368320

Contemporary fashion is a dynamic world where trends evolve at a vertiginous speed. But there are a few aspects that never change, the ones that are claimed to be the core of fashion . In this book the reader will find the best resources and images that will allow him to widen his vision of the fashion design creative process. With the support of more than 100 experts and stylists, and including more than 500 photos and drawings made by some of the best-known international fashion designers, this book looks through all the basic steps of the fashion creative process: from the compilation of references and the first sketches to the selection of the right fabric, pattern design, choice of color and the creation of the silhouette. This is a book aimed at the general reader interested in the fashion world and its creative process, but is also of interest to any designer, professional or amateur, looking for a style reference and a source of inspiration for tips and tricks by the best international fashion designers.


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