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Patrick Bingham-Hall

Pesaro Publishing, 2011
280 pages
Fully Illustrated, colour
ISBN: 9781877015304

Woha Architects have set about implementing what might possibly be described as "the architecture of new Asia", where respect for place and tradition must be offset by the intimidating social realities of the 21st century, where architectonic aspirations must be tempered by the limitations of construction techniques, and where - above all - problems must be solved.

Woha's recent work has demonstrated an absolute clarity of thought an almost cussed pragmatism: one which single-mindedly prioritised programmatic innovation over formal games. WOHA resolutely set about improving the architectural models, as the perceived them, of Singapore (and by extension throughout southeast asia), and their approach has been unflinching: they operate in their own rarefied world of virtuous creativity.


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