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Wang Shaoqiang ed.

Gingko Press, 2011
384 pages
Fully illustrated, colour
ISBN: 9781584234753

Artistic inspiration can manifest in a variety of guises, from the work of other creatives, travel abroad, forms found in nature, urban blight, or cultural icons to loved ones. The title of this groundbreaking book refers not only to the seeds of creative growth or epiphany, but also to the output of the highly talented designers profiled within.

What it means to be an artist or designer is rapidly changing in today's competitive marketplace. The age of specialization is a thing of the past as studios emerge or reinvent themselves as multidisciplinary houses, capable of offering a broader array of products and services than ever before.

From graphic design and typography, to fashion, packaging, product design, photography, art installations and film designers are responding quickly to trends by developing new tools, from the practical to the highly conceptual, to communicate their vision and retain clients. Contains engaging interviews with an unparalleled cast of international design studios that touch on process and role influences, as well as work and identity.


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