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Menehould du Chatelle author.

Steidl, 2011
1200 pages
Fully illustrated.
ISBN: 9783865219121

For the past four years, innovative fashion photographer Koto Bolofo has had behind-the-scenes access to the Hermes fashion empire. Bolofo, well known for his portraits and fashion shoots, and published in such prestigious periodicals as Vogue, Esquire and i-D, came to Monde d'Hermes in 2004, when he met Hermes head, Jean-Louis Dumas, one of 17 cousins who constitute the fifth generation heading the company.

Bolofo recalls that "Mr. Dumas asked where I came from. I said South Africa. He asked what part. I said Lesotho. He was shocked and very excited. He explained that his great, great, great grandfather was a missionary in Lesotho and that the Zulus used to attack his mission, but the Sothos--my tribe--protected him... He called me his cousin and said that his cousin was welcome any time and I had carte blanche to photograph what I liked in Hermes." La Maison contains exclusive images made as Bolofo worked his way through Hermes' workshops, discovering how their wares are made, from handbags, perfumes, scarves, pret-a-porter and shoes to the first accessory ever produced by the house: saddles. Nothing escaped his lens, not even the museum, a treasure trove of Hermes history, tucked away on Rue du Faubourg St. Honore.

Vol.1: Horses, 96 pages
Vol.2: Saddles, 72 pages
Vol.3: Kelly Bag, 96 pages
Vol.4: Clothes, 96 pages
Vol.5: Perfume, 48 pages
Vol.6: Bugatti Veyron, 128 pages
Vol.7: Gardens, 64 pages
Vol.8: Special Orders, 96 pages
Vol.9: Silk, 80 pages
Vol.10: John Lobb, 96 pages
Vol.11: Collection Émile Hermès, 160 pages
11 volumes


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