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Clara Porset

Turner, 2006
192 pages
Fully Illustrated, colour
ISBN: 9788475067414

While some of Clara Porset's furniture designs were intended for industrial manufacture and mass production, it's the ones inspired by elements of folk culture for which she is best known and that, perhaps, served her best. Porset's work has been associated with some of the most important architects of her time, including Barragn and Pani, but her artisanal projects kept her in close contact with craft workshops and studios, collaborating with craftsmen in varied disciplines to develop forms that harmonized elegantly with expressive natural materials.

Porset became widely known in a nascent modern Mexico and other parts of the world thanks to the print media and to prominent commissions, as well as her own strategizing to find a market for her varied work and to see her name known she diversified her professional relationships so that her designs would reach a wider spectrum of people and be seen in new settings by new audiences and potential clients. Clara Porset brings readers her life, her work and a bright moment in the modernization of Mexico.


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