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Barbara Brownie

Gingko Press, 2011
224 pages
Fully illustrated, 500 colour & b+w.
ISBN: 9781584234425

Type Image showcases contemporary works that challenge the type/image divide. Letters, words, and phrases in Type Image are playfully crafted into landscapes, portraits, objects, or textures and patterns. Attention is paid to punctuation, pictorial typefaces, and designers' takes on the contemporary mainstream use of emoticons.

The accompanying text illuminates the history and relevancy of images composed from type. This collection draws on poster art and the beatnik "shape poetry" tradition of forming shapes out of typewritten words to represent the subject of the poem.

The projects are vibrantly three-dimensional, with sculptural wordplay from jewellery design to signage to typographic landscapes envisioned in the middle of roads and neighborhoods. Hanging apples are carved with curled phrases, Garamond lettering is literally built up out of sand and then photographed being eroded by the rising tide, and cartographic maps are decoratively composed of neighborhood names-illustrating the creative potential of typographic imagery.


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