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Ruth Green

Tate, 2011
32 pages
fully illustrated, colour
ISBN: 9781854379429

Noisy Neighbours is a brand new children's book written and illustrated by renowned artist and designer Ruth Green.

The protagonist of the story is a rather grumpy snail called Sid. All he wants is a nap in his favourite tree but his woodland neighbours are so noisy they keep him awake. Sparrows are chirping, foxes are singing and ducks are quacking. What's a snail to do?

This humorous story is illustrated with Ruth's colourful screen prints and her animal characters are framed with decorative branches and flowers. As an artist Ruth is inspired by 1970s wallpaper and 60s and 70s Scandinavian ceramics. These influences are evident in the book, from her use of colour, to the detail she applies to the characters and the patterns in leaves and flowers.

This is a beautiful book and would make a great gift for a girl or boy or indeed for an adult. It can be appreciated for the illustrations and design alone


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