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Momoyo Kaijima, Junzo Kuroda, Yoshiharu Tsukamoto

Kajima Institute, 2001
191 pages
B+W photographs and diagrams.
ISBN: 4306044211

In Tokyo roads and trainlines run over buildings, expressways wind themselves over rivers, cars can drive up ramps to the rooftop of a 6 storey building, the huge volume of a golf practice net billows over a tiny residential district. Most major cities of Europe are still using buildings from previous centuries, and are not modernised in terms of renewing actual building stock. By comparison, almost all buildings in Tokyo have been built within the last 30 or 40 years, utilizing contemporary technologies. These technologies have formed a background to the appearance of shameless spatial compositions and functional combinations, unthinkable in the traditional European city. What is it about the city of Tokyo which can allow such unthinkable productions? How has it managed to arrive at such a different place to European modernity despite being equipped with the same building technology?

Having been struck by how interesting Tokyo's buildings are, this book sets out to photograph and document them, just as one might visit a foreign city for the first time. This publication forms a survey of the nameless and strange buildings of this vibrant city.


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