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Greg Lynn

Princeton Architectural Press, 2011
204 pages
Fully illustrated, colour & b+w
ISBN: 9781568980836

When published in 1999, Animate Form, the first book on the work of architect Greg Lynn, literally pushed back the boundaries of architectural form.

It inspired an entire generation of designers to think of architecture as elastic, malleable, and mutable, bounded only by imagination. Using high-end computer animation software, Lynn opened an entire new paradigm of thinking about and discussing architectural form, and, in the process, introduced an entire new vocabulary -blobs, bodies, hypersurfaces, and polysurfaces -to describe the biomorphic shapes he and his followers create.

A highly sought after title, Princeton Architectural Press are delighted to bring Animate Form back into print as one of the books from their 30-year history that changed the world of architecture.


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