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Alexandra Onderwater

Frame, 2011
280 pages
Fully illustrated, colour
ISBN: 9789077174494

The successful weblog Whey They Create documents studios where creativity takes place by showing the work of interior photographer Paul Barbera. Now it's time to make a book.

Where They Create captures 35 studios from around the world. Studios of painters, sculptors, designers, architects, advertising agencies and many others, some very well known, others only starting out. Important to Barbera is that the photographed studios are somehow connected to someone Barbera knows and they he likes the creative space of the work they do.

Where They Create is also a break from the work Barbera does for several interior magazines, where everything is styled and considered. Instead, the images for this book are as Barbera finds the spaces, un-styled and raw. Just the way they are.

Each project is described with personal information from the owner of the studio and Barbera himself.


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