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Daniel Kula, Elodie Ternaux, Jean-Pierre Ternaux and Michele Ternaux

Frame, 2011
280 pages
Full colour illustrations
ISBN: 9789077174487

Although information on ecology and sustainability is published daily, it's obvious that most people feel powerless when faced with the state of our environment today. Materials and technologies claim a dominant position with regard to ecological problems, but we sometimes forget tat these may not always be the key to good, comprehensive solutions. The use of materials is only one approach to the larger ecological issue, which clearly has philosophical, metaphysical, economical and social implications.

The world of nature, on the other hand, is an amazing arena filled with smart models of simple and sustainable behaviors. Nature undeniably questions the authoritative status that humans have allocated themselves, and nature is the best example of a wholly sustainable and autonomous industry.

The ecology issue is not only unavoidable; it offers us a great opportunity for making drastic changes in the way we think and act. Industry of Nature targets creative professionals in search of information, inspiration and tools for augmenting their work. The book combines interviews with examples taken from nature, architecture, engineering and design. A profusion of photographs and drawings bring the ideas and relevant information to life.


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