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Jeremy Leslie

Laurence King, 2003
174 pages
Fully illustrated, colour.
ISBN: 1856693368

magCulture explores the current trends and creative design styles in contemporary magazines from around the world, ranging from mass-market to experimental titles, including SleazeNation and Mined from the Uk, List and Nylon from the US, Eat from Japan and Neo2 from Spain.

The book opens with Jeremy Leslie's overview of magazine design today, followed by five illustrated essays by prominent figures in the field. These focus on the main areas of contempoary magazine publishing: consumer magazines, customer magazines, newspaper supplements, independent 'microzines' and webzines. The main section is made up of examples of international magazines, explored through the five elements that are crucial  to magazine design - format, covers, pace, words and pictures. Additional interviews interspersed throughout focus on key as well as niche issues, from redesigns and branding to an exploration of the Japanese magazine industry.

Offering insight into the thought processes of some of the most creative forces at work today, and a visual guide to over 100 innovative magazines, magCulture is and important sourcebook for graphic designers and anyone interested in, and influenced by, current trends in magazine publishing.


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