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Teal Triggs

Thames & Hudson, 2010
256 pages
Fully illustrated, colour
ISBN: 9780500288917

Fanzines have been one of the liveliest forms of self-expression for over 70 years. Now a new generation of graphic designers, illustrators, artists and writers combines self-expression with a rediscovery of the handmade, crafted object. Their subject matter is as varied as the passions of their creators, ranging across music, comics, typography, animal rights, politics, alternative lifestyles, clip art, thrift shopping, beer drinking.

Produced in small quantities, fanzines were the original medium of super-niche interest groups and the cultural underground. Many of the most exciting zines have been made with very basic tools: scissors and glue, a photocopier, staples or string, yet their collaged photos and hand-drawn type and illustrations explode across the pages.

Whether obscure or prescient, subversive or downright weird, fanzines have an irresistible energy and style that allow us to glimpse grassroots social and cultural movements at their most explosively creative moment.


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