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Gregor Stawinski

Laurence King, 2010
560 pages
130 illustrations
ISBN: 9781856696814

Retro Fonts is a compilation of over 400 retro fonts from 1830 to the end of the 20th century. The fonts are presented in the style of old type specimen books as alphabets with sample words/phrases, shown opposite classic examples of the fonts in use in their historical context.

Arranged chronologically into eight sections representing different stylistic eras, each with an introduction discussing the typography of that era, the fonts range from Art Deco, Bauhaus and Swiss through to Sixties, Disco and Punk.

Featuring both familiar fonts and lesser-known examples ripe for rediscovery, this is a source of inspiration for graphic designers and typographers.

The accompanying CD contains 222 copyright-free fonts.


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