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William Wondriska

Corraini, 2009
48 pages
Fully illustrated, colour
ISBN: 9788875702397

Thanks to a fresh combination of drawings and photography, William Wondriska captured in this book the special delight that a young child feels when they do something "all by myself".
The protagonist of the book is the author's daughter Alison Wondriska, who at the considerable age of five can count up to 10, listen to Daddy snore, eat an ice-cream cone, see a red cloud, ride an elephant...

Between everyday activities and fascinating dreams, All by myself has been one of the first books for children that combined illustrations and photographs. Their presence on the page is made possible by a soft and curious layout and by the inspired musicality of the text.

Renowned graphic designer, William Wondriska studied at Yale University and School of the Art Institute in Chicago. All by myself was originally published in 1963.


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