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Seibundo Shinkosha, 2010
236 pages
Fully illustrated throughout

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A number of young designers in Europe and America are attempting to develop their own paths in exploring graphic design through innovative small-scale practices. Many of the designers featured here were born in the 1970s and 1980s, coming of age in commercial practice in the digital environment. The majority of those featured operate within the sphere of graphic design production from the approach of a more personal practice, inflecting their work with nuanced, idiosyncratic conceptual and formal approaches.

While widely varied due to cultural context and social/environmental differences, all have a kinship in unique approaches to developing formal options for clients. The use of the word "option" as applied here is perhaps the most relevant key point for the latest wave of graphic design from abroad- perhaps the "solution" as an end result of graphic design as a process is a dead methodology. What are instead offered are graphic "options" in lieu of "solutions"- inquiries answered with inquiries, questions answered with questions. The work featured offers playful, tentative answers instead of cold, hard end results.


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