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Lois Nesbitt

Princeton Architectural Press, 2003
Unnumbered pages
Fully illustrated with etchings.
ISBN: 1568983999

The dawn of Glasnost in the 1980s challenged the cold authoritarianism that characterized Soviet building during the Cold War, and inspired an entire generation of architects to celebrate and explore their newfound creative freedom. Two of the most distinguished were Alexander Brodsky and Ilya Utkin, part of a loosely organized group of Soviet artists known as 'paper architects'. In their designs, by turns humourous, cerebral, and deeply human, Brodsky and Utkin borrow from Egyptian tombs, Ledoux's visionary architecture, Le Corbusier's urban master plans, and other historical precedents, collaging these heterogenous forms in learned and layered scrambles.

Although only a few impressions were pulled due to Soviet paper shortages, all of their elaborate etchings are collected in this book, an expanded and updated version of the edition originally published in 1990.


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