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Jill White

Chapter and Verse
112 pages
Black & white photographs.
ISBN: 0947322264

Dupain's Australians is the third book in a series on the work of Australia' s master-photographer Max Dupain.

This book brings us a selection of Max Dupain's photographs of people: his family, who encouraged and influenced his photography, his fellow officers in New Guinea during World War II (one of the few times he left Australia), his portraits (which range from his artistic and literary friends to professional models and notable Australians), his nudes, and a large collection of his images of Australian people, captured in their working environment.

At the heart of the book are Dupain's pictures of ordinary Australians in everyday lives - extraordinary photographs taken from the 1930s to the 1980s.

A special addition is a selection of photographs from an album Dupain made for his friend Damien Parer for Christmas 1940. Parer was a legendary war photographer and cinematographer who was later killed filming action in World War II.


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