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Jacobo Krauel

Links Books, 2010
300 pages
270 colour images, 110 b/w plans and drawings
ISBN: 9788496969858

Hundreds of benches, rails, parterres, street lamps, posts, footpaths and bridges, fountains and spatial organizers - this exhaustive volume contains all of the elements that go into the design of urban space.

All elements in this volume were custom-designed for specific urban projects; and all of them are explained from the drawing board up: from the original sketches and lists of materials, to the finished product in its setting. This is the most thorough volume of its kind available and contains material that all urban design professionals must be familiar with.

Jacobo Krauel, renowned architecture critic and expert, is the author of the seminal book, Sustainable Architecture: Low-Tech Houses, as well as over a dozen titles focusing on the latest trends and applications in today's architecture. He currently resides in Barcelona, where he is researching the work of Gaudí.


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