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Athos Bigongiali

Scriptum Editions, 2003
340 pages
Full colour photographs and illustrations.
ISBN: 1902686322

With over sixteen million units manufactured, it is a familiar sight in ever corner of the globe, and is part and parcel of the urban landscape. Its birth, however, dates back to 1945 as the revolutionary idea of a car with two wheels, incorporating a series of astonishing features clearly borrowed form aeronautics. A perfect combination of function, pizzazz, production rationalization and shapely elegance, the Vespa very soon began to make its mark as one of the signs of our times.

The Vespa adventure is given new life thanks to the joint commitment of both Piaggio and the Publisher in recounting its role in history and in evolution of customs, also offering a technical and design analysis of fifteen fundamental models, from the 1945 prototype to the most up-to-date version for 2003.


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