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Marc Guetta, Patrick Guetta, Alison A. Nieder

Taschen, 2010
392 pages
Fully illustrated, colour
ISBN: 9783836520720

With the addition of just a few letters or an image the simple T-shirt can become a personal billboard. What started as the standard issue undershirt of the U.S. military, by the mid-1970s had evolved into a means of self-expression and individualism. Musical taste, political slant, favorite TV show or movie, vacation destination and brand preference - it's all on a tee.

From DIY to the mass market, the printed T-shirt has been embraced by fashion designers and artists, street culture and brand-building corporations. Yet its basic form and function are unchanged. This quintessentially American item - best teamed with a pair of blue jeans - remains the simplest and most direct way of broadcasting our ideals and allegiances, sense of humor and cultural passions.


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