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Helmut Germer, Thomas Neeser (eds.)

Birkhauser, 2010
224 pages
400 colour illustrations
ISBN: 9783034603676

Lines are thoughts that can be drawn and are often more precise than words. Only ideas that can be drawn can be translated into a design. 1D, the 'first dimension,' is thus the point of departure for the design process both in training and in professional practice. This publication focuses on the learning and function of drawing.

Drawing assignments created for the Schule für Gestaltung Basel (Basel School of Design) are commented on based on a conceptual system in the form of a 'network card.' On the one hand, this shows the quality of the drawings; on the other hand, it provides the vocabulary necessary to communicate about the complex process of drawing with the goal of ever better results.

An introductory essay addresses drawing as a process of perception and realization. The book is rounded out by statements from renowned designers, each accompanied by an original drawing, on the significance of drawing to their work.


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