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Juhani Pallasmaa

John Wiley & Sons, 2009
157 pages
Illustrated in colour and black & white.
ISBN: 9780470779293

Modern culture, which puts such heavy emphasis on the virtual and visual, has caused a dissociation of mind and body. Though physical appearance has become fetishised for its sexual and social significance, the role of the body in developing a full understanding of the physical world has been neglected. The potential to integrate the body and the mind and to act as a knowing entity, incorporating both the intellectual and the sensual aspects of the being, remains unrecognised.

Juhani Pallasmaa argues that it is only through the union of mind and body that craftsmanship and artistic work can be fully realised. This volume studies the role of the human hand in effecting this union. Covering the biological evolution of the hand, its role in shaping culture and the importance of hand-mind and hand-eye coordination, this text provides a stimulating and absorbing introduction to an important new theory.


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