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Clare Dowdy

RotoVision, 2003
160 pages
Full colour.
ISBN: 2880466970

Corporate identity, the design and marketing buzz-phrase of the 80s and 90s, has undergone a revolution in the last five years. Now the talk is of branding. With the growth of globalisation and the increasing realisation among corporations large and small that this is their only way of distinguishing themselves, large sections of the design industry have adapted to offer new services and meet the new branding challenges.

Arranged in thematic chapters with an introduction, Beyond Logos identifies and deconstructs the kind of corporate move that turns a footwear store into a 'cathedral' and a cigarette brand into a smoker's retreat. Beyond Logos tracks the rise of the brand and pinpoints the role played by design companies in creating the experience economy - a world in which corporations do not have identities but brands, visions, big ideas.


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