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Susan Danly et. al.

Merrell Publishers, 2003
288 pages
Fully illustrated b+w.
ISBN: 1858942063

Edward Weston (1886-1958) was fifty-one years old when, in 1937, he became the first photographer ever to receive a Guggenheim fellowship. Weston was already respected, widely exhibited and published. The fellowship, with its liberal creative mandate and generous stipends, would, as he explained in his application, give him the freedom to continue the aesthetic exploration of "the universality of basic form" in a region - California and the American West - that he already knew well and loved.

This is the first major book to celebrate the Huntington's extraordinary collection of five hundred Edward Weston photographs, all of them selected and printed for the institution by the artist in the 1940s. The Guggenheim photographs lie at the heart of this legacy, but Weston also included in his gift still-life studies from the early 1920s and 1930s, as well as later landscapes from the 1940s. Weston selected these photographs as representative of his best work, and they are stunningly reproduced here, complemented by insightful and engaging investigations into the influences that shaped them.


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