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Lesley Jackson

Antique Collectors Club, 2009
222 pages
Fully illustrated in colour and black & white.
ISBN: 9781851496082

With big, bold abstracts in eye-popping colours, Shirley Craven's extraordinary textiles encapsulate the exuberance of the Swinging Sixties. This ground-breaking book celebrates her remarkable creative partnership with Hull Traders, the company who printed her designs.

Ranging from Abstract Expressionism to Op Art, Hull Traders' textiles were eclectic, visionary and avant-garde. This volume showcases work from the artists and designers who collaborated with Hull Traders - forty in total - including Eduardo Paolozzi and Nigel Henderson, Ivon Hitchens, Doreen Dyall, Peter McCullock and Althea McNish.

It also tells the fascinating story of Bernard Holdaway's revolutionary tomotom furniture, an icon of the pop era made from giant cardboard tubes. Based on new research by writer and curator Lesley Jackson, this book is an impressive glimpse into post war design.


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