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Josep Maria Minguet (editor)

MONSA, 2009
239 pages
Fully illustrated in colour and black & white.
ISBN: 9788496823426

The construction of a modern house is a tremendously appealing prospect for both architect and client. The wealth of different materials, resources and technologies available to a modern designer creates endless possibilities in contemporary architecture; and the process of matching theoretical design possibilities to the needs and demands of a client who must live in the completed work provides an exciting challenge.

Family Housing delves deeply into modern home design, selecting a wide spectrum of examples and providing close commentary on the concepts and decisions behind each project, alongside architectural drawings and photographs of the finished buildings. The projects included in this book are all different in nature, covering everything from lower cost, small-scale designs to the most grandiose, risky and innovative contemporary work. An important source for architects and designers with an interest in the cutting edge of family housing design.


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