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Rachel Whiteread

Booth-Clibborn Editions, 2001
256 pages
Full colour
ISBN: 1861542186

Rachel Whiteread is one of the most acclaimed British artists of her generation. Yet, despite the fact that she has been the subject of consistent press coverage since being awarded the prestigous Turner Prize in 1993 - and that her work openly articulates emotional themes - there has been limited public exposure of the personality behind the work, and her sources of inspiration as an artist. Rachel's Book is far more than a conventional monograph, offering Whiteread the opportunity to present her work in published form for the first time. It is an artwork in its own right, this beautiful book is designed by North. Continuing in the spirit of the celebrated 'anti-monograph' he produced with Damien Hirst, publisher Booth Clibborn has given Whiteread free rein to expand the idea of how an artisitic vision may be 'captured' on the printed page.

As the theme for Rachel's Book, the artist has chosen 'home'. But Whiteread is less interested in describing what home means, more in how it feels. Using innovative production effects, the book articulates her personal response through images, textures, colours, smells, sounds and emotional references, which the artist has sourced over the course of several years.


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