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Jim Jocoy

Powerhouse Books, 2002
280 pages
Full colour photographs.
ISBN: 9781576871560

1977: Punk rock music and fashion blew out of New York City, exploded in London, and caught wildfire in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and the world over. It developed concurrently everywhere, and every region had its own identity. But it was in San Francisco and L.A. where the most radical behaviour in stateside punk rock style and attitude was exhibited. It was anti-hippie, anti-disco and anti-'nice'. And it was shockingly new. These photos are the ground zero of punk rock style - delirious innovation and a snarling takeover of youth culture still resonating more than 20 years hence. Jim Jocoy, traveling between S.F. and L.A. shot portraits of every interesting punk rock personality who caught his eye - with each subject posed amidst the scene's ruinous and chaotic environment. Some were musicians and some were artists. All were fans and enthusiasts. And they were the original creators of what is regarded as the most potent subculture of the late 20th century. Some of the more celebrated individuals of punk legend featured in this book are Darby Crash, Iggy Pop, Lydia Lunch, Sid Vicious, John Waters, Bruce Connor and members of X, The Cramps, The Avengers, Flipper, The Screamers, The Nuns, and many others.


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