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Isabel Tejeda ed.

Espacio AV, 2009
184 pages
Fully illustrated, b+w
ISBN: 9788496898424

This catalogue was produced to accompany a retrospective exhibition of Francesca Woodman's work in Murcia. Woodman's body of work comprises an archive of around 800 photographs made between the beginning of the 1970s until 1981, of which only about 120 have been exhibited. Francesca Woodman. Retrospective premieres a score of previously unseen photos.

Daughter and sister of artists, Francesca Woodman made her first photographic works at the early age of thirteen. With a heavily autobiographical bias, her photos use her own body or those of women friends in melancholic scenarios, rooms in which she portrays a sense of loneliness, the forlorn and the passing of time. Her early death at the age of 22 cut short a brief yet extraordinary intense career. She has been championed by critics like Rosalind Krauss and Benjamin Buchloh as well as artists from later generations.


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