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Jem Southam

Towner Art Gallery/Photoworks, 2000
72 pages
53 colour 9 black and white
ISBN: 1871360129

This book presents the striking colour landscapes of Jem Southam. Southam is one of the key figures in British photography of the last twenty years. Southam's work draws on a wide range of ideas and influences, with particular connections to recent photography from Germany and the US. Southam's work has also marked a new sense of internationalism in Britain and a meeting point between photograqphy and the broader concerns of contemporary art. It is this perspective, informed by centuries of landscape representation but also by the more recent work of artists such as Robert Smithson and Bernd & Hilla Becher, that Southam has consistently applied to a very specific topography in the South and South West of England.

Brought under the collective title The Shape of Time, this book surveys three closely related series of works by Southam made between 1994 and 2000. The photographs presented here display a structural economy and a sense of stillness, each chosen site is in a state of continual flux which, revealed the landscape to be both contingent and unreliable.


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