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Richard Misrach

Arena Editions, 2005
164 pages
Fully illustrated, colour
ISBN: 1931788510

Golden Gate offers yet another dimension to celebrated photographer Richard Misrach's artistic output. After he and his family moved into a house in the Berkeley hills of Northern California, Misrach obsessively photographed the magisterial view of the Golden Gate Bridge from his front verandah, each photograph taken from the exact same point of view at different times of day. The eighty-five photographs reproduced here, from a series of over seven hundred, capture the opening between bay and ocean, and the famous bridge, in every light and weather condition. The perils of cliche would have overcome most photographers, but Misrach's pictrues elevate his subject to the sublime - banks of charcoal cotton or ocher clouds; tangerine, lemon, and rosy sunsets; heavy black storm curtains; and thick rays of light. Like the colour field paintings of Mark Rothko, these views transcend the ordinary.


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