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Doreet Levitte Harten ed.

Atrium, 2002
230 pages
Fully illustrated, colour photographs.
ISBN: 8478073213

We live in melodramatic times. As regards the representations we make of ourselves, it could be said that melodrama is symptomatic. We acquire its codes as they are what rule the spectacle of our daily lives. And art - as an expression of its time, or, inasmuch as it operates as a mirror of surrounding reality - reveals this eloquently. This is the new universe that this publication attempts to explore. It not only contains examples of 'high culture', but includes all those expressions affected by melodrama, which include video, performance, popular culture, advertising, etc. The participants include some of the most prestigious and influential artists of the '90s, together with outstanding members of the most recent generation. Among them all, they represent the Antipodes, Europe, North America and Asia and have been a predominant force in the best international shows of recent contemporary art.


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