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Glen Luchford

Steidl, 2009
150 pages
Fully illustrated in colour and black & white.
ISBN: 9783865218919

The 1990s marked a major shift in the world of fashion photography and brought with it a new sense of realism and spontaneity. This monograph examines the work of Glen Luchford, whose artistic production came to maturity during this period. Luchford's earliest photographs prefigure the gritty, found-light aesthetic that defined the first half of the 90s, ranging from quiet black-and-white portraits of musical icons such as Ian Brown and Chris Robinson to more aggressive street shots of Kate Moss that capture the spirit of a seedy New York on the verge of extinction. But as previously stark contrasts between artistic and commercial work softened, Luchford's from-the-hip naturalism gave way to a style with Hitchcockian precision. His film noir sensibilities and use of narrative confounded expectations, and the cinematic images he created for Prada have become more than symbols of the merging visual languages of fashion and art photography - they have become works of art in their own right.


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