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Martin Jaeggi et al ed.

Steidl, 2009
360 pages
Fully illustrated, colour & b+w.
ISBN: 9783865218704

Underground artist Walter Pfeiffer has developed a unique blend of eroticism and wit, classical serenity and ornamental playfulness that has begun to garner major international attention in the past few years. This book is an unprecedented overview of Pfeiffer's photographic work, spanning four decades from his beginnings in the early 1970s to his most recent work. Initially a painter, draughtsman, and graphic designer, Walter Pfeiffer started to use photographs as aide-memoirs while working on large-scale photorealist pencil drawings in the early 1970s. He soon developed a passion for photography and its capacity to capture transient epiphanies of beauty. Inspired by a cast of handsome drifters and stylish women, he established his very own Warhol-inspired 'Factory', and began to carve out his trademark style that testifies to both his desire for timeless beauty and his precise observation of the permutations of fashion and style.


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