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Guido Baselgia

Hatje Cantz, 2002
40 black and white photographs.
ISBN: 3775710671

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Looking at the pictures in this book one may not at first be aware of a particular quality in them which nevertheless becomes abundantly clear by one's next encounter at the latest: the extremely careful, even tentative approach the photographer takes to his theme, the landscape. Certainty soon takes over from the dawning awareness that his endlessly varied landscapes must first have been meticulously explored and investigated, that he roamed all over them until the right moment had come to capture on camera what he was seeing. The title 'hochland' - with which Guido Baselgia encapsulates his intensive engagement over the years with this landscape of extremes - may at the very least bring to mind thoughts of anonymous regions up above dips and hollows where human beings have their homes and of desolate terrain somewhere between the forest's edge and the icy glaciers, in addition it may also conjure up a vast, high expanse filled with a light that illuminates the landscape in every imaginable refraction. In Baselgia's work this unique landscape that is 'so far from life, so metaphysical', this 'piece of supra-earth' (Friedrich Nietzsche) is neither idealized nor laden with portentous symbolism. Guido Baselgia's interest is in the archaic, untouched aspect of this landscape with its disturbing interfaces between nature and the products of human dimensions and time-scales.


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