Photography  —  Backlist BACK
Andrew Roth ed.

PPP Editions, 2001
306 pages
Fully illustrated.
ISBN: 0967077443

This publication preserves in a single volume a selection of genuinely remarkable photography books. Each one has been thoroughly considered for its inclusion in the volume, everything from the content, the mise-en-page, choice of paper stock, reproduction quality, text, typeface, binding, jacket design, scale - all of these elements needed to blend together to fit naturally within the whole. Each publication had to embody originality, and ultimately be a thing of beauty, a work of art. Also of major interest were publications in which photographs were meant to be seen in book form. In other words, not books that are merely a place to exhibit images, but books whose images were destined to be seen printed in ink and bound between covers. Some publications on this list are exceptionally scarce due to their short press runs or the fragility of the materials used in their production, or simply because they are long out-of-print. In an attempt to give a broad overview - documenting a book's inception and the various ways it is disseminated into the public domain - essays were commissioned by individuals who are integrally connected with the photographic book: art dealer, artist, critic, curator, historian, publisher, and technician. This cumulative complexity of essays and images helps to make 'The Book of 101 Books' a useful scholarly reference and an aesthetically compelling object.


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