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Edward R. Ford

Princeton Architectural Press, 2009
256 pages
Fully illustrated, colour & b+w.
ISBN: 9781568988269

Edward Ford's forty years of practicing and teaching architecture have focused on one area: the architectural detail. Despite his books, numerous articles, and lectures there are two questions Ford has, remarkably, never answered: "What is a detail?" and more importantly, "What is a good detail?" Ford is an architect as well as a writer, so it is not surprising that rather than answering these questions in a third book, he spent six years on the design and construction of a house.

Five Houses, Ten Details presents five designs, only one of which was built. Each of the five designs explores a different aspect of architectural detail: how it acts to connect to or disconnect from a site; how it is expressive of material; how it acts to reveal structure; how it articulates the act of construction; and how it can be inconsistent, in a beneficial way, with the remainder of the building.


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