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Fazal Sheikh

Steidl, 2002
Black & white photographs.
ISBN: 0970761309

Ever since the late nineteenth century, when Africa was divided up by its European colonizers, there had been tension in the border regions. The artificial boundaries took little account of the need to maintain tribal unity, and often, as in the case of the border between Kenya and Somalia, the people living on one side of the demarcation line belonged to the same tribe as the people living on the other. During the next century this shortsighted partitioning would continue to cause unrest and infighting as each of the countries moved towards independent rule. Fazal Sheikh has photographed the Somali refugee camps on the Kenyan-Somali border, mostly documenting the situation of Somali women who over the past decade have not only suffered displacement and privation, but sexual assault and subsequent banishment from their communities.


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