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Ed van Hinte

010 publishers, 2002
Not numbered. pages
Fully illustrated, colour.
ISBN: 9064504954

Richard Hutten calls himself a civilised anarchist. Nobody tells him what to do and he hates to impose interpretations of his work on beholders and users. If you own any of his designs and paint it metallic green or whatever, he doesn't mind at all. It is up to his users, observers, interpreters, people, what they want to do with his work. Hutten interacts with context to accomodate users and works according to a very strict method. He chooses and invents constraints and rules for the material elaboration of his designs, and applies these without compromise. In picking limitations he is playful and daring, in order to challenge himself and everyone involved in using his products. Hutten's objects typically possess extreme clarity of form, but can still leave an unexpected amount of freedom in interpretation and the austerity of Hutten's designs is the rare kind that makes you feel cheerful. This monograph on Hutten's work is a must for anyone interested in this prolific conceptual designer.


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